Guides & Frameworks

The CWDC produces a variety of guides and frameworks, including downloadable manuals, step-by-step guides, fact sheets, and other resources to assist our partners in carrying out programs across the talent development network. View guides and frameworks for the following areas:

Work-based Learning

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Colorado's Work-based Learning Continuum & Community Assessment Guidelines - Learn about the activities that occur throughout the continuum.

2021 Work-based Learning Incubator Convening - Resources from the virtual convening to support the development of high-quality work-based learning experiences in K-12 environments. 

Work-based Learning Funding in Colorado - A list of publicly available funding resources throughout the state that can be leveraged to develop work-based learning programs

Talent Development Glossary - Key terms related to talent development

Continuing Education Units - Guide for Businesses - Guide for partners interested in working with local school districts to offer continuing education units (CEUs) to educators

WBL Myth Busting Document for Businesses - Addressing common concerns and perceived barriers to hiring youth in the workplace

School-to-Career Tax Incentive: Informational Webinar - July 16, 2020 - View the Recording

2017 Sectors Summit Resources - Resources and presentations from the 2017 Sectors Summit

Sector Partnerships

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High Performing Sector Partnerships Framework - Criteria for being designated as a high performing sector partnership.

Next Generation Sector Partnership Training Manual - Step-by-step guide to build a successful sector partnership

Career Pathways

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Building Industry-Driven Career Pathway Systems in Colorado: A Step-by-Step Guide - Designing and building seamless career pathway systems

Quality and In-demand Non-degree Credentials Framework - Framework and rubric for designating a credential as a quality and in-demand non-degree credential

Preparing Students for Behavioral Health Careers - A guide to developing career pathway programs for secondary students in behavioral health 

Preparing Learners for Renewable Energy Careers - A guide to developing career pathway programs for secondary students in renewable energy

Workforce Innovation & WIOA

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Braiding & Blending Overview - An introduction and overview of innovative practices and approaches to funding to support workforce development efforts in Colorado.

State Local Fiscal Recovery Funds 2024 Grant Guide - a step-by-step guide to managing the terms, conditions and requirements of your grant agreement.

Workforce Innovation Toolkits & Case Studies - Resources highlighting innovative practices developed within local workforce areas to help others replicate the successful practices

WIOA 101 - Part 1 Recording

WIOA 101 - Part 2 Recording

Local Board Regulations PowerPoint

Required Functions of a Local Workforce Board

A Focus on Strategic vs. Tactical Action for Boards

How Non-profit Boards can Effectively Utilize Committees

What is a Strategic Board?

WIOA and Planning for Boards PPT

WIOA Impacts on Local Boards PowerPoint

WIOA Primer for Boards

WIA/WIOA Local Workforce Investment Boards Side-by-Side

Workforce Board Orientation Guide Book

Business Engagement

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Upskilling Frontline Retail Employees Report: A Statewide Approach to Preparing Hospitality, Tourism, Food and Beverage Services, and Retail Employees for the Future of Work - This report shares lessons learned from Colorado‚Äôs Lives Empowered initiative, which sought to support and sustain the launch of retail sector partnerships with the goal of piloting upskilling training programs for incumbent retail workers, including those in hospitality, food services, and tourism. It outlines what the CWDC learned throughout the process of implementing the initiative and provides communities with a guiding resource to design programs that meet their unique workforce and economic needs, regardless of location, population density, or industry mix. It also emphasizes the power of upskilling initiatives to address employment disparities in marginalized populations, including women and people of color, who were disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

Colorado Job Quality Framework - Partners in the TalentFOUND network collaborated to produce the Colorado Job Quality Framework to outline features of a good job and lay out practical steps local communities, employers, and leaders can take to improve job quality.

Bridging the Talent Gap (BTTG) - The CWDC and partners in the TalentFOUND network led efforts to administer the Bridging the Talent Gap employer survey in Spring 2021. More than 500 Colorado employers completed the survey to provide their insights about the hiring environment, skills gaps, and current resources available for retraining and upskilling in Colorado.

Talent Equity Agenda - The Talent Equity Agenda makes the case for targeting resources, raising awareness, and accelerating shared strategies to close racial economic disparities in Colorado and measure the results. 

Talent Development Playbook - A guide to help businesses hire, train, and keep talented employees and identify and implement the talent development strategies that best meet their needs.

Remote Work Case Studies - Case studies exploring the transition to remote work for a small, medium, and large business. 

School-to-Career Tax Incentive: Informational Webinar - July 16, 2020 - View the Recording

Leading and Partnering For Greater Economic Opportunity: A Guide for Colorado Businesses - Why partnering can enable a business and their community to grow in tandem more sustainably

Grant Guidance

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2024 SLFRF Grant Guide - Learn about the terms, conditions, and other regulations that apply to the State Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) grant agreement

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