Guides & Frameworks

Work-based Learning

Colorado's High Quality IRAP Framework - Outlines quality standards for industry and Standards Recognition Entities (SREs) to consider in the design of new Industry Recognized Apprenticeships Programs (IRAPs) in Colorado.

Colorado's Work-based Learning Continuum & Community Assessment Guidelines - Learn about the activities that occur throughout the continuum.

Talent Development Thursdays

Work-Based Learning Funding in Colorado - A list of publicly available funding resources throughout the state that can be leveraged to develop work-based learning programs

Talent Development Glossary - Key terms related to talent development

Continuing Education Units - Guide for Businesses - Guide for partners interested in working with local school districts to offer continuing education units (CEUs) to educators

WBL Myth Busting Document for Businesses - Addressing common concerns and perceived barriers to hiring youth in the workplace

2017 Sectors Summit Resources - Resources and presentations from the 2017 Sectors Summit

Sector Partnerships

Next Generation Sector Partnership Training Manual - Step-by-step guide to build a successful sector partnership

Career Pathways

Building Industry-Driven Career Pathway Systems in Colorado: A Step-by-Step Guide - Designing and building seamless career pathway systems

Business Engagement

Talent Development Playbook - A guide to help businesses hire, train, and keep talented employees and identify and implement the talent development strategies that best meet their needs.

Remote Work Case Studies - Case studies exploring the transition to remote work for a small, medium, and large business. 

Talent Development Thursdays

Leading and Partnering For Greater Economic Opportunity: A Guide for Colorado Businesses - Why partnering can enable a business and their community to grow in tandem more sustainably

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