2017 Sectors Summit Resources

2017 Sectors Summit Presentations

Future of Work - Josh Davies
PAIRIN - Michael Simpson
Work-based Learning Ready Communities - Lee Wheeler-Berliner
Industry Segment Presentations
K-12 Education Presentations
Postsecondary Presentations
Workforce Development Segment Presentations

2017 Sectors Summit Materials

Colorado's Work-based Learning Continuum & Community Assessment Guidelines
2017 Talent Pipeline Report Overview
TalentFOUND Terms
Talent development network videos

2017 Sectors Summit Regional Report Outs

The Sectors Summit included Economic Development Regional team time. During this time business, workforce, and education partners met to discuss work-based learning priorities for their region. Below are the notes for each session. These documents have been uploaded in a downloadable Microsoft word format so that participants can download and edit their region's document. 

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4
Region 7
Region 8
Region 9,10,11,12