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The CWDC is a Governor-appointed, public-private partnership with the purpose to advise, oversee, and integrate the work of the Colorado talent development network. In order to carry out this work, the CWDC often seeks feedback from the network and the public on various plans and activities.

Please see below for items that are currently open for public comment. We appreciate your feedback.

WIOA Waiver Requests

All states have the opportunity to request waivers to regulatory requirements under WIOA. The CWDC has approved the below waiver requests, and all 10 waivers are now open for public comment through June 21, 2020.

View more details about the waivers below, and submit a public comment by June 21. Please submit the form a separate time for each waiver that you are commenting on. There is no limit to the number of times you can submit the form. 

  • Waiver 1. Waive the requirement to expend at least 20% of Youth program funds on Work-Based Learning for the current Program Year.
  • Waiver 2. Waiver to permit the State to exclude individuals affected by the emergency from the calculation of state and local performance measures.
  • Waiver 3. Waive the requirement that customers must be participating in a career or training service to receive supportive services.
  • Waiver 4. Waive the requirement that non-WIOA resources must be used before WIOA resources can be used to pay for supportive services.
  • Waiver 5. Allow 90% reimbursement for OJTs regardless of size or other factors until the economy begins to recover.
  • Waiver 6. Waiver of the requirement that states and local areas expend 75 percent of all Governor’s reserve and local formula youth funds on out-of-school youth.
  • Waiver 7. Waive data validation process for the current year.
  • Waiver 8. Waiver of the requirement that local programs provide each of the 14 youth program elements to prioritize needed services to youth participants.
  • Waiver 9. Waive the 20% cap on the use of Adult or DW funds for Incumbent Worker Training.
  • Waiver 10. Waive requirement for workers to be employed with a company for six months before being eligible for Incumbent Worker training.
Pikes Peak - WIOA Local Plan

The Pikes Peak Local Area Plan was posted on May 5, 2020, and will be open for public comment until June 4, 2020. 

View the Pikes Peak Local Area Plan

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