Sector Strategies

Sector strategies come to life through industry-led, public-private partnerships where collective business priorities are addressed. Colorado is home to many such partnerships and the CWDC provides technical assistance to advance them, specifically:

  • Sector Partnerships
  • Industry Intermediaries 
  • Workforce Development Boards 

The CWDC embraces a regional, industry-specific approach, operating through Colorado’s 14 economic regions and 14 major industries that drive the state’s economy.

In fall of 2021, the CWDC Sector Steering Committee requested an external evaluation of Colorado’s sector strategy to ensure effectiveness as Colorado works proactively towards economic recovery. The evaluation was completed in fall of 2022.

  • View the Final Evaluation Report for comprehensive findings and recommendations.
  • Learn more about the CWDC's sector partnership refresh plan in response to the evaluation.

Importance of Being Industry-Led

Industry-led means that businesses have come together to identify and work on initiatives that they collectively agree are vital to the health and growth of their sector. In Colorado we take this very seriously, as we have found that without business at the table setting the agenda and building and implementing solutions, that Colorado’s talent development system becomes fragmented, misaligned to job opportunities, and inefficient. By working together, we can build on strengths, address new challenges, and seize new opportunities that will advance Colorado.

Get Involved

Learn more about the work being done in Colorado through sector strategies and connect with sector partnerships, industry intermediaries, and workforce development boards.

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