Strategies Overview

The CWDC leverages sector strategies, career pathways, and work-based learning in order to enhance and sustain a skills-based talent development network that meets the needs of employers, workers, job seekers, and learners.

Sector Strategies

Sector strategies involve industry-led, public-private partnerships where collective business priorities are addressed. The CWDC provides technical assistance to advance many such partnerships, specifically sector partnerships, industry intermediaries, and workforce development boards. Learn more about sector strategies.

Career Pathways

In Colorado, industry-driven, competency-based career pathways help ensure that businesses have access to an appropriately skilled talent pipeline and help prepare students and workers with the skills and credentials they need for jobs and careers. Each year the CWDC adds career pathway information to My Colorado Journey. Learn more about career pathways.

Work-based Learning

Work-based learning is a continuum of activities that occur, in part or in whole, in the workplace, providing the learner with hands-on, real world experience. It combines skill development with training opportunities and is a key strategy in Colorado for developing talent and preparing Coloradans for the workforce and evolving labor market. Learn more about work-based learning.