Talent Equity Agenda

Colorado Talent Equity Agenda


The Prosperity Now Scorecard ranks Colorado 12th nationally on overall prosperity of the state’s residents, yet at the same time ranks Colorado 37th when it comes to racial disparities between white residents and residents of color. This gap has significant implications and spotlights a critical need to strengthen how we educate, train, hire, and promote our current workforce. 

The Talent Equity Agenda makes the case for targeting resources, raising awareness, and accelerating shared strategies to close racial economic disparities in the state and measure the results. 


During its January 2020 meeting, the CWDC adopted equity as a key value in creating an economy that works for all Coloradans. In an effort to live out the value of equity and address the growing disparities within the state's talent development ecosystem, the CWDC convened stakeholders in July 2020 to produce the Talent Equity Agenda. A draft of the agenda was released for public comment in August, and feedback received during this period was used to update the agenda before a final version was created in September. 

Racial Disparities in Colorado's Talent Pipeline

In Colorado, there is a gap between individuals who are white and individuals of color in relation to educating, training, hiring, and promoting our current workforce. This gap has significant implications for the state’s economic competitiveness and undermines our goal of a Colorado economy that works for all of us.

Colorado ranks 37th out of 50 states when it comes to racial disparities
Closing the national achievement gap by race would result in economic benefit
Postsecondary education attainment rate is lower for people of color in Colorado
77% of all jobs in the U.S. require digital skills
People of color make less money in annual wages