Talent Equity Community of Practice and Accountability

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March 16, 2021 - The CWDC is providing coaching and action planning for implementing talent equity strategies for organizations in four stakeholder groups: education, workforce and economic development, community-based organizations, and business/industry. Building upon the individual and collective work of each stakeholder group at the CWDC Talent Equity Forums, the Talent Equity Communities of Practice and Accountability will support teams of 2-3 participants per organization in developing processes for accountability and long-term sustainability of talent equity strategies. 

Each of the four stakeholder groups will engage in a separate community of practice. Organizations across the TalentFOUND network who are able to express a commitment to moving to action and measuring progress for addressing racial inequities in their talent development systems are encouraged to apply to participate in this community of practice

  • Education, workforce, and economic development stakeholders should apply for this opportunity by April 2.
  • Community-based organizations and industry partners should apply for this opportunity by April 9. 

The Talent Equity Community of Practice and Accountability for each stakeholder group will: 

  • Identify strategies, indicators, and needed data to measure impacts in the operationalization of talent equity strategies
  • Develop an action plan for moving forward from your phase of implementation
  • Establish a cadence of accountability for the continued action and maintenance of strategies

Learn more and contact cwdc@state.co.us with any questions.