Reenvisioning Retail 2020 Recap

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July 31, 2020 - On July 23-24, the CWDC hosted the Reenvisioning Retail 2020 conference for more than 150 individuals from business, education, workforce, community-based organizations, and more. The retail, hospitality, tourism, and food and beverage industries have been heavily impacted by layoffs with COVID-19. This statewide convening brought together leaders from those impacted industries with public partners to identify shared solutions for economic recovery for the industry and frontline workers. 

Reenvisioning Retail 2020

Throughout the two days, attendees engaged in discussion about equitable strategies for economic recovery and identified opportunities for upskilling, reskilling, and redeploying displaced workers. Sessions during the conference focused on a wide range of topics, including equity in retail, investigating occupational segregation, what it means to have  a “good job,” and more. Attendees also heard from small business owners, employers, and frontline workers about their experiences in the industry and recovery solutions.

Event Materials

Recordings, slides, and notes from the event can be found on the Reenvisioning Retail 2020 website.

Thank you to all our conference partners and speakers for helping to make this event a success.

What's Next? Step Up to Skill-up: A Call to Action

During the conference, Lee Wheeler-Berliner from the CWDC challenged attendees to collectively upskill 500 workers by this time next year.

How many lives can you commit to empowering in your community? Tap into the free Lives Empowered resources to immediately start upskilling efforts in your community, or reach out to to get started. The Lives Empowered team is also available to help you engage employers in opportunities to upskill frontline workers.