July 30 Webinar on the Talent Development Playbook

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July 14, 2020 - The CWDC is hosting the first virtual discussion about the Talent Development Playbook on July 30 at 2 p.m. as part of Talent Development Thursdays. The webinar will help businesses learn how to leverage the strategies in the playbook that best meet their needs, with a focus on the playbook content released in June and July, including career pathways, apprenticeships, and remote work strategies to train, attract, and retain employees. Register for the webinar

The CWDC launched the Talent Development Playbook in June. The first installment included information on the business case for talent development, tips for getting started, and a section on “The Teaching and Learning Employer” that detailed strategies for engaging employees in demand-driven pathways. 

The second installment of the playbook, “The Agile Employer,” will be released the last week of July in partnership with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s Office of the Future of Work. The section will include strategies for staying competitive amid the evolving future of work, including information on strategic workforce planning and transitioning to remote work. 

New installments will be published monthly through the end of the year on the CWDC website and will be accompanied by monthly webinars. Register now for the July 30 webinar to learn more about the first two installments of the playbook.

Talent Development Playbook