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Jan. 10, 2024 - Each year the annual Talent Pipeline Report highlights the Top Jobs in Colorado – jobs with high annual openings, above average growth, and a good wage. The 2023 report, released in December, showcased that this year’s Top Jobs list grew by 30 occupations compared to 2022. This includes some jobs that dropped off the 2022 list but rejoined in 2023, signaling that employers have responded to higher costs of living by boosting wages in many high-demand sectors.

Those interested in learning more about Colorado’s Top Jobs can visit the Colorado Talent Dashboard to dig into the data. The interactive website enables users to view and sort the Top Jobs list by various features such as the associated wages, growth rate, and job openings, as well as the education and training requirements typically associated with each occupation. The list can also be broken down and viewed by region.

In 2023 the industry category of Education, Training, and Library Occupations had the highest number of different occupations across all Top Jobs with 31 occupation titles. This is followed by Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations with 24 occupation titles, and Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations with 23 occupation titles.

The Talent Dashboard takes users further into the data surrounding the 2023 list to explore the relationship between Top Jobs and education attainment. Seventy-six percent of Top Jobs in 2023 require a credential beyond high school. However, no single career pathway mirrors another, and many Top Jobs in Colorado can be accessed through diverse training and education opportunities that don’t require someone to give up their income to pursue a degree. Additionally, roughly 35% of 2023 Tier 2 Top Jobs (jobs benchmarked by an income that can support a family of one adult) require only a high school diploma or equivalent and 4.4% have no formal education credential required, showing a shift in demand for training requirements over degrees in some jobs.

In addition to Top Jobs and other workforce demand data, the Colorado Talent Dashboard features data about workforce supply and network impacts, as well as additional data resources. Visit ColoradoTalentDashboard.com to explore the data and learn more about the Talent Dashboard as the online presence for the data from the annual Talent Pipeline Report.