Office Staff

Lee Wheeler-Berliner | Managing Director

As the director of the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office, Lee manages the execution of strategies to develop and sustain an industry-led talent development system in Colorado. By forging relationships with industry and public partners at the local and state level, Lee helps to ensure the alignment of talent development efforts statewide. Lee has been with the CWDC for four years and brings extensive project management and leadership experience to this role. He previously worked as an independent consultant for mission-driven for-profit and nonprofit entities, as well as holding senior leadership positions with Hunger Free Colorado and Colorado Court Appointed Special Advocates. Lee holds an MBA with a concentration in social entrepreneurship from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and is an active coffee drinker at his local Edgewater coffee shop.

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Lee Wheeler-Berliner

Project Management Team

Renise Walker | Senior Consultant

Renise leads the execution of industry-led collaboration and strategy for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office. In her role, she enjoys working with a committed team of consultants to engage and support forward-thinking businesses to innovate best practices that meet business objectives while contributing to the well being of their communities. Renise serves as the staff point of contact for the Sectors Steering Committee, Industry Intermediaries Consortium, and the BEL Commission. With over a decade of experience in managing social change initiatives, Renise believes strongly that addressing large-scale social challenges requires a willingness to break down silos and collaborate across traditional boundaries. Prior to joining the CWDC in 2015, Renise led the backbone efforts of a collective impact initiative working to advance affordable housing, workforce development, and economic mobility for underserved populations in the nation’s capital. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Colorado College and a master’s in public administration from the University of Colorado Denver School of Public Affairs. As a proud third-generation Coloradan, Renise cares deeply about the future of Colorado and creating and sustaining opportunity for Colorado residents.

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Renise Walker

ShaJuana Williams | Consultant

As a consultant for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office, ShaJuana is responsible for ensuring that effective and meaningful industry engagement is occurring through regional sector partnerships across Colorado. She also helps implement key elements of state and federal legislation under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). ShaJuana is a proud native of Colorado and is passionate about industry-driven opportunities for Colorado residents. Prior to her current position, she worked for eight years with the Arapahoe/Douglas Works! workforce center as a business development representative, providing seamless access to business services for all Colorado employers. She brings a wealth of knowledge in workforce programs and aligning business services statewide to meet industry demand.

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ShaJuana Williams

Kelly Mitchell | Consultant

Kelly is a consultant for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office with a focus on education, and serves as the statewide postsecondary and workforce readiness coordinator for Colorado. She serves in a shared position between the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and the Colorado Department of Education. Kelly works to bring together business and education to ensure Colorado students develop the skills they need to succeed in the workforce, and that businesses have access to the talent they need to drive our economy forward. For the past 10 years Kelly has been working in secondary education as a teacher, program coordinator, and Dean of Students. She holds a Bachelor's degree in statistics from Colorado State University and a Master's degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Denver. Kelly is passionate about education and believes that as workforce needs evolve, the education system will need to as well to ensure students have access to meaningful postsecondary opportunities. 

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Colleen Wohnoutka | Associate

As an associate for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office, Colleen is focused on establishing and supporting retail sector partnerships. These partnerships build on Colorado’s foundation of industry-led collaboration to keep retail in the driver’s seat while leveraging community partners who can assist in areas such as skill building to help attract, train, and promote talent in the field. Colleen has several years of prior experience with retail and sales, working with companies such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Schwan’s Home Food Service. She has an MBA with a concentration in project management. Colleen enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, learning new things, and raising bengal cats.

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Colleen Wohnoutka

Thomas Hartman, Ph.D. | Consultant

As a consultant for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office, Thomas plays a critical role in the implementation of all CWDC initiatives, particularly the support of sector partnerships and career pathways as key strategies for the implementation of state and federal legislation. As the CWDC project officer, Thomas serves as an internal hub of information and resource generation. Thomas collaborates with staff and state partners to develop project plans, generate content, and create resources. Thomas plays a key role in developing both a statewide career pathways framework and specifically identified career pathways with input provided by CWDC staff and partners. Thomas serves as the staff point of contact for the Education and Training Steering Committee and the Employment First Advisory Partnership.Thomas is passionate about the democratization of education and training opportunities for all Coloradans. Before joining the CWDC in 2016, Thomas served as a college and university administrator, instructor, and curriculum designer. Thomas holds a Ph.D. in education from the University of Northern Colorado. In his free time, Thomas enjoys hiking, snow-shoeing, camping, and cooking with family. 

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Thomas Hartman

Bobbie Wolfe | Associate

Bobbie is an associate for the Colorado Workforce Development Office focused on developing regional career pathway systems for the retail sector. This includes gathering, analyzing, and translating data in a meaningful way and communicating with regional sector partnerships within the retail industry to gather information. Bobbie uses that information to construct retail career pathway systems and programs that emphasize work-based learning to upskill incumbent workers. Bobbie graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Industrial Organizational Psychology and a minor in Business Administration, grew her love for and knowledge of local politics and workforce development as a workforce vitality specialist with the Boulder Chamber of Commerce. Outside of work Bobbie can be found running around the local trail systems, hiking, mountain biking, and exploring Colorado's many local breweries.

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Jean Dougherty | Talent Development Research Analyst and Postsecondary Coordinator

Jean works for both the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office and the Colorado Department of Higher Education. In this role, she works to ensure alignment and coordination across the workforce and higher education throughout Colorado. One of Jean’s main responsibilities during the year is to write the state’s Talent Pipeline Report. She also represents the CWDC and CDHE on the Workforce Intelligence Data Expert (WIDE) Team. Jean holds a master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology from the University of Minnesota Duluth and is interested in talent acquisition, talent development, and organizational change management. Outside her current role, Jean enjoys spending her time exploring Colorado by hiking and camping. 

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Jean Dougherty

Operations Team

Madison Murphy | Operations Manager

Madison leads operations for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office. In her role, Madison supports the CWDC’s operational responsibilities including budgeting, expenses, procurement, and human resources management. Prior to joining the CWDC, Madison worked in higher education and international relations. Madison holds an MBA with a concentration in international business from Trinity College Dublin, and is also a student at Colorado State University pursuing a Ph.D. in organizational performance and change. In her free time, Madison enjoys skiing and hiking in the Colorado backcountry. 

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Madison Murphy

Alba Duque | Board Liaison

Alba Duque is the board liaison for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office. In her role, she manages recruitment and board requirements for the CWDC Board, BEL Commission, Work Act Review Committee, State Rehabilitation Council, and Employment First Advisory Partnership. Prior to joining the CWDC, Alba was the administrative coordinator at the bilingual campus of Regis University. Alba holds an associate degree from the Technological University of Pereira and a bachelor’s degree in applied psychology from Regis University.

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Alba Duque

Miranda Podmore | Executive and Operations Assistant

Miranda is the executive and operations assistant for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office. In her role, Miranda supports both the CWDC and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and is the project manager for all State Rebahilibiation Council and Employment First Advisory Partnership meetings. She also provides administrative support to the CWDC’s director and operations team. Miranda holds a master’s of science from Colorado State University and has extensive experience in the apparel and manufacturing industry, having worked with both large corporations and small apparel companies. Outside of work Miranda enjoys spending time with family, designing, and being active.

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Miranda Podmore

Jayneah Jackson | Grant Administrator

Jayneah or “Jay” is the grant administrator for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office and supports the CWDC’s operations team. In her role she coordinates grant management duties including procurement and reporting. She monitors programming to ensure that schedules are met, performance standards are adhered to, and grant progress and finances are tracked and reported. Jayneah has a robust background in project management and quality assurance. After obtaining her associate degree and spending 10 plus years in the workforce she took some time off to become a stay-at-home mom and pursue her undergraduate degree, a path that ultimately led to her current role. When she is not working Jay enjoys hiking with her family, cooking, and reading. 

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Jayneah Jackson

Ethan Bui | Data Steward

Ethan Bui is the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office's CareerWise apprentice. In his role as data steward, Ethan supports CWDC’s business operations including procurement, conference logistics and coordination, and technical support. Through his three-year apprenticeship program Ethan hopes to improve his understanding of business and learn new skills to apply in future jobs and careers. Outside of apprenticing and finishing his senior year at Cherry Creek High School, Ethan is interested in technology, video games, health, weight lifting, and traveling, and likes to spend time with his family, friends, and two dogs.

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Ethan Bui

Britta Blodgett | Senior Communications Strategist

Britta leads communications for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office, including strategy, messaging, and TalentFOUND. She serves as the staff point for the Advocacy Steering Committee, BEL Communications Committee, and the Marketing and Outreach Work Group. Britta has more than a decade of communications and strategy experience working with government, nonprofits, and collaborative groups. Prior to joining the CWDC in 2016, Britta was the communications director at a school for gifted students from underserved neighborhoods. In her free time, she enjoys baseball on the radio, hiking, and well-told stories. Britta holds a bachelor's degree from Carleton College.

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Britta Blodgett

Katie Ciaglo | Communications Specialist

Katie Ciaglo is the communications specialist for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office. In her role, Katie supports the CWDC’s communication efforts to educate and engage our partners and the public, and manages the flow of information through the CWDC website, news updates, and social media. Katie holds a bachelor's degree from Carleton College and worked in journalism prior to joining the CWDC. As a native Coloradan, Katie enjoys being a part of Colorado’s approach to helping people of all backgrounds build the necessary skills to find meaningful employment in the state.

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Katie Ciaglo