Council Committees


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is elected by the CWDC membership, with the Chair also being appointed by the Governor. The Executive Committee ensures that the CWDC is focused on carrying out the goals and actions of the strategic plan in alignment with the Colorado Blueprint, the WIOA State Plan, Colorado Rises, and other talent development related priorities of the talent development network.

Education & Training Steering Committee

The Education & Training Steering Committee provides strategic guidance on the alignment of talent development efforts throughout the state and to the development and implementation of career pathway systems.

The Education & Training Steering Committee oversees P-TECH, the State Youth Council, career pathways, STEM, the Multi-agency Task Force, and the Disability Employment Initiative. 

The State Youth Council exists to advise on the creation and champion multiple pathways to economic and career success for Colorado's youth. The State Youth Council serves as the youth expertise body of the CWDC and will:

  • Identify, spotlight, and champion best practices regarding youth talent development.
  • Engage youth on their expertise and lived experiences to inform decisions.
  • Advise on how to best engage youth in career-connected learning opportunities.
  • Provide recommendations on policies and practices impacting youth talent development.
  • Make recommendations for use of SYC funds.
Sectors Steering Committee

The Sectors Steering Committee ensures that Colorado's talent development network remains industry-led and demand driven. The committee advises on sector partnerships and CWDC support to workforce development boards and industry intermediaries.

Advocacy Steering Committee

The Advocacy Steering Committee reviews, evaluates, and communicates policy and legislation that will impact workforce issues that contribute to Colorado’s overall economic vitality. The committee also has oversight of awareness and alignment efforts.

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