Thomas Hartman


Senior Consultant - Career Pathways

As a Senior Consultant, Thomas is the senior authority for the development and deployment of career pathways in in-demand industries. Additionally, Thomas works as a senior authority with other agencies and external partners to create and manage project plans for CWDC initiatives and Career Pathways Tools and Resources. Thomas represents CWDC in stakeholder meetings relevant to career pathway development, equity, or supply-side strategies including, the facilitation of the Education and Training Steering Committee and its subcommittees. Thomas also serves as a liaison between CWDC and assigned local Workforce Development Boards. Thomas is passionate about the democratization of education and training opportunities for all Coloradans. Before joining the CWDC in 2016, Thomas served as a college and university administrator, instructor, and curriculum designer. Thomas holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Northern Colorado and is a Certified Project Management Professional. In his free time, Thomas enjoys hiking, snow-shoeing, and cooking for family and friends.