As a consultant for the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office, Thomas plays a critical role in the implementation of all CWDC initiatives, particularly the support of sector partnerships and career pathways as key strategies for the implementation of state and federal legislation. Thomas collaborates with staff and state partners to develop project plans, generate content, and create resources. Thomas plays a key role in developing both a statewide career pathways framework and specifically identified career pathways with input provided by CWDC staff and partners. Thomas serves as the staff point of contact for the Education and Training Steering Committee and the Employment First Advisory Partnership. Thomas is passionate about the democratization of education and training opportunities for all Coloradans. Before joining the CWDC in 2016, Thomas served as a college and university administrator, instructor, and curriculum designer. Thomas holds a Ph.D. in education from the University of Northern Colorado. In his free time, Thomas enjoys hiking, snow-shoeing, camping, and cooking with family.