Sami Mooney


Education Consultant

As the Education Consultant in a shared role with the Colorado Workforce Development Council and the Colorado Department of Education, Sami works to align workforce priorities in the education system with industry demand. She supports schools in being responsive to the needs of the labor market and believes that if the next generation can start their career pathways early on, they will be ready for the future of work and experience meaningful careers in tune with their interests and strengths. 

Previous to joining the CWDC, Sami worked directly with the industry in the Pikes Peak region on building effective talent development strategies and workforce initiatives including skill-based hiring and job quality. Sami holds a master's degree in organizational leadership and strategic communication from CU Boulder and is a proud alumni of the Next Generation Service Corps at Arizona State University. Outside of work, you can find Sami exploring trails across the state with her two chihuahuas, planting wildflowers for the bees in her garden, and spending time advancing civic and community engagement in her home, Colorado Springs.