Aziz Vahobov


Industry & Sector Partnership - Apprentice

Aziz is an industry and sector partnership apprentice at the Colorado Workforce Development Council. In this role, Aziz assists CWDC’s efforts to fully engage and support regional sector partnerships to lead talent development strategies in the state.

Aziz has a background in education and nonprofit sectors. As a trainer, consultant, college instructor, and career coach, Aziz has been dedicated to helping others - individuals, communities, and organizations. Aziz focuses on making a positive impact in working with diverse groups, including New Americans.

As a Sector Partnership Apprentice, Aziz aimed to actively learn about sector partnership and talent development approaches, strategies, and trends. His goal is to effectively contribute his skills and knowledge to the implementation of the CWDC mission and add his capacity to better support sector partnerships in Colorado.

Outside of his CWDC responsibilities, Aziz is focused on enhancing his understanding of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and crafting simple practices for learning, explaining, and implementing DEI principles. Aziz also invests time in creating an effective education curriculum, obtaining new skills, enjoying the art of cooking, and running.