Abigail Weiss

Abigail Weiss

Board Liaison and Operations Assistant

Abigail is a Board Liaison and Operations Assistant with the Colorado Workforce Development Council Office with a deep passion for the Centennial State, Abigail finds solace and inspiration in its great outdoors. When not at work, Abigail can often be found exploring Colorado's majestic landscapes with her loyal companion and best friend, Cheese, a four-legged adventurer.

Together, they embrace the thrill of rock climbing, the serenity of hiking, and casting lines while fly fishing. Abigail believes that the natural beauty of Colorado mirrors the commitment to excellence and harmony she brings to her role as a Board Liaison.

With a background rooted in customer service, recruiting, operations, and event planning and a knack for building meaningful connections, Abigail thrives in the dynamic environment of state governance. She is dedicated to facilitating seamless collaboration between boards, ensuring the smooth functioning of essential operations, and leveraging her expertise to support Colorado's continued growth and prosperity.

In both her professional and personal pursuits, Abigail is driven by a desire to create lasting connections and make a positive impact. With the spirit of Colorado as her guide, she is dedicated to achieving excellence in every endeavor.