Colorado Data Trust

The Colorado Data Trust provides opportunities to build enhanced relationships and policies among partners around well-governed, responsible data sharing as well as infrastructure to facilitate the sharing of data. This leads to better understanding between partners and more opportunities to find alignment on shared goals.

The goals of the Colorado Data Trust include: 

  • Reducing legal and technical barriers to ethical and responsible data sharing amongst Colorado Data Trust members, 
  • Serve as a forum for strategic and tactical collaboration around how the state can leverage data resources to better serve the education and workforce pathways of Coloradans

The Colorado Data Trust is composed of a governance board, which is a decision-making body to ensure that trust agreements are being followed, and includes at least one representative of each Data Trust member organization. Agency stakeholders include the Colorado Community College System, the Colorado Department of Higher Education, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, and the Colorado Office of Information Technology. The Colorado Workforce Development Council acts as the trustee, taking the role of convening and facilitating, as they provide no user data sets. 

Current projects include My Colorado Journey, the Empowerment Score, Data for Opportunity in Occupation Reskilling Solutions (DOORS), the Outcomes for Opportunity Workforce Dashboard, and a research data lake (RDL). 

There are defined processes to join and use the data. To learn more, contact cwdc@state.co.us.

Data Trust Resources

2022 Update on Colorado Data Trust (Talent Pipeline Report - Appendix I)