What are LERs and Why Are They Important?

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July 19, 2023 - As part of the CWDC’s focus to ensure equity in Colorado’s labor market towards an inclusive economy, we have focused our attention on the potential of Learning and Employment Records (LERs). LERs demonstrate the skills accumulated by a learner over their lifetime, could make it easier to match with the skills needed by employers, and provide a potential feedback loop to training and educational institutions on whether their credentials lead to employment in high-demand occupations with living wages.

What are LERs? An LER is a digital, verified record of an individual’s accumulated skills through credentials from training and educational institutions, work, and other life experiences. Any credential received from a training and education institution can be translated into the skills acquired by the learner. Work experience and occupations can be translated into the skills acquired by the learner. There are also efforts to translate other experiences such as military, caretaking, volunteerism, and incarceration and translate them into skills. Finally, learners own their LERs for their entire lives - regardless of where they work or go to school.  

Why does CWDC see potential in LERs? Many Coloradans have a variety of skills acquired through learning, work, and other life experiences that can be exhibited through LERs. In turn, employers can find it easier to identify talent with the skills they need - potentially closing the number of vacant positions across the state. Finally, training and education providers can better ensure their programs’ outcomes include the skills needed by employers.

The CWDC is currently working to pilot the connection of LERs to myColorado, the state’s free digital wallet. For more information, please email cwdc@state.co.us

Want another explanation? See the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s webpage describing LERs as a way to create a diverse and equitable talent marketplace. The webpage also includes an excellent 1-minute video on LERs.