TEACH Colorado

Feb. 12, 2020 - The CWDC is a proud supporter of TEACH Colorado, a new statewide resource for people interested in careers in education. TEACH Colorado launched in early February as a partnership among Colorado’s school districts, educator preparation programs, state agencies, and business and nonprofit groups. 

The comprehensive digital platform at teachcolorado.org helps recruit talented Coloradans into the teaching profession and provides the support they need to enroll in an educator preparation program. The robust set of free online tools enables prospective teachers to access one-on-one advising, financial aid opportunities, step-by-step guides, and prep program checklists.

TEACH Colorado’s collection of tools and resources include:

  • Why Colorado: Explore the teaching profession and find out why Colorado is one of the best places to inspire natural wonder in the classroom.
  • Salary & Benefits: Discover the compensation package available to teachers in Colorado.
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships: Check out scholarships, loan forgiveness, and other financial assistance available to Colorado teacher candidates when completing an educator prep program.
  • Getting Licensed: All your certification resources in one place. Learn everything you need to know about getting licensed to teach.
  • Programs: Use the program explorer to find a teacher prep program that fits your needs.
  • Schools & Community: Get to know TEACH Colorado's featured schools and community. 

By centralizing the tools and resources future educators need in one place, TEACH Colorado makes it easy to determine fit for the teaching profession and take steps towards getting certified to teach.

Learn more at teachcolorado.org and create a free account for full access today.