TalentFOUND Glossary Updated

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March 31, 2021 - The TalentFOUND glossary, which includes key terms related to talent development, has been updated on the CWDC website. These definitions are approved annually by the Governor's Education and Workforce Cabinet Working Group members. The glossary is maintained to enable TalentFOUND network partners to work together more efficiently and amplify collective efforts by operating from a common understanding of key terms. View the TalentFOUND glossary

This year, newly added terms include skills-based hiring and terms related to digital skills.

  • Skills-based Hiring. When possible and appropriate, remove credential requirements (e.g., degrees, certifications), and instead use competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities) specific to the job as job requirements in the position description and hiring process. This reduces potential barriers for applicants and allows for reduced bias in hiring procedures by providing a direct description of skills developed and demonstrated through education, training, and past experiences. 
  • Digital Inclusion. Activities necessary to ensure that all individuals and communities, including the most disadvantaged, have access to and use of Information and Communication Technologies (e.g, connectivity/infrastructure & equipment).  
  • Digital Literacy. Ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills (e.g., digital skills for daily life & digital skills for education, training, and work).
  • Digital Skills for Daily Life. Individual can securely access information, communicate, and problem solve using technology.
  • Digital Skills for Education, Training, and Work. Individual can comfortably create, collaborate, and communicate using a variety of digital tools. Individual has a lifelong learning mindset and applies it to digital skill development to advance their career.

Existing terms with updated definitions include Career Counseling and Planning, Career and Technical Education (CTE), College, Equity, TalentFOUND, and Certificate. All terms and definitions can be viewed in the TalentFOUND glossary

Suggested updates and additions to the glossary can be submitted via this form. Submissions will be considered by the Education and Workforce Cabinet Working Group for potential inclusion in the next iteration of the glossary.