Talent Equity Agenda Open for Public Comment

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August 18, 2020 - The CWDC has released a draft of Colorado’s 2020-2021 Talent Equity Agenda for public comment. The agenda is focused on targeting resources, focusing efforts, and measuring progress to decrease racial disparities in how our talent ecosystem educates, trains, hires, and advances our workforce. 

View the draft Talent Equity Agenda

(Please note that this is a live document and you may notice changes until the public comment period closes on Aug. 28)

Coloradans are encouraged to provide input about the agenda in either of the following ways: 

  • Attend a virtual town hall: Use the links below to register. Each town hall will begin with an overview of the Talent Equity Agenda and then open the floor for public comment.
  • Submit input through the public comment form: Access the public comment form. The public comment period closes on Aug. 28.

In an effort to live out its value of equity, the CWDC convened partners on July 21 to discuss the 2020-2021 Talent Equity Agenda. The meeting included a review of the data related to existing racial equity gaps in the statewide talent pipeline and the selection of four  areas of focus including  strategies to address, track, and measure progress over the next year. The four areas of focus include: postsecondary credential attainment, unemployment, closing the digital divide, and equitable employment practices.