Talent Accelerator Grants

Feb. 19. 2020 - Last week the CWDC announced the Talent Accelerator Grant to invest in the development of local upskilling pilots. Grants from $10,000-$60,000 are available to support innovative pilots that train and advance incumbent frontline workers in the retail, hospitality, and food and beverage industries. The application period closes on Feb. 27.

This grant is designed to address the need for skill development and career advancement of incumbent frontline workers in retail, hospitality, and food and beverage. As Colorado’s evolving economy impacts retail jobs, communities and employers are stepping up to aid frontline workers in adapting to job changes and advancing economically. The CWDC is looking to invest in pilot programs that provide training and upskilling opportunities that positively impact the lives of participants by opening doors to increased wages, skill development, additional benefits, and career advancement. 

Eligible applicants include any organizations who are in coordination with the needs of the retail, food and beverage, and hospitality industries. This includes retail sector partnerships, industry associations, training providers, adult education providers, workforce development entities, economic development entities, chambers of commerce, community colleges, universities, and others. Organizations do not need to be involved in a sector partnership to apply. 

Watch this informational webinar to learn more about the grant opportunity

Apply for the grant and learn more by visiting the Colorado VSS. Once in the system, select “Public Access” and use the details below to locate the grant. 

Title: Talent Accelerator Grant

Number: RFA KADA 2020000173s

The application period closes on Feb. 27.

Questions? Please contact Shari Ashley at shari.ashley@state.co.us.