Revitalizing Local Economies and Supporting Communities in the Wake of Covid-19

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Updates on the significance of the pandemic stimulus funds are shared in the recently released State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) Stakeholders Report for the Third Quarter of the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 . This report highlights the impact of State Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, serving 11,593 Coloradans who during the COVID-19 pandemic lost their jobs or wanted to advance in their current job or change careers completely. 

Stimulus funds emerged as a critical tool in revitalizing local economies and supporting communities in the wake of unforeseen crises. 

The latest report highlights the successful completion of three Trade Association Training (TAT) grantees and their programs: Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association (CSHBA), Colorado Hospital Association (CHA), and Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association (CHLA).

Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association (CSHBA)

The CSHBA works with Colorado high schools to provide exposure to careers in construction and fundamental skills development and safety training. Those completing the program can earn certifications from OSHA as well as a pre-apprenticeship certification, making them more attractive candidates for employers in Colorado. 

Funding from the Stimulus grant allowed CSHBA to add 46 schools to their program, many in rural areas of the state, such as Meeker, Ignacio, Breckenridge, and Vilas. 

More than 900 students participated in the program, with nearly 300 students placed into jobs for the summer, and another 88 gaining employment on their own.

Colorado Hospital Association (CHA)

The CHA worked with member organizations to provide training to existing employees to enhance skill sets and future career opportunities in the healthcare industry. Through the Colorado Center for the Advancement of Patient Safety, the CHA conducted classes in the Fundamentals of Quality Improvement and Health Care Quality Professional Certification. Originally expecting to serve 85 individuals, the CHA helped 190 people complete the training.

Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association (CHLA)

CHLA properties have a proven track record of employing diverse populations across the state including low-income individuals, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and immigrants. Through the TAT grant, CHLA delivered in-person, certified training for entry-level employees and supervisory training for incumbent workers looking to upskill. As a result, CHLA successfully trained 408 individuals through their program which ended in February 2024. 

“Taking this class not only helped me become a better supervisor to my employees, but to become a better employee myself; identifying any insecurities or anxieties and overcoming them to become more confident in myself. In turn, this led me to become a better supervisor for my team. In the months following the official certification, I accepted a new position as a Special Services Concierge Supervisor,” says a CHLA Certified Hospitality Supervisor Class Program Participant 

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the $60 million package funded to the CWDC through Colorado House Bill 21-1264 and includes highlights on program performance, demographics, and success stories of Reskilling, Upskilling, and Next Skilling (RUN) programs as well as Workforce Innovation programs.