Public Health Career Pathways Launched in My Colorado Journey

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Feb. 24, 2021 - The CWDC added career pathways in the public health industry to My Colorado Journey this month. The public health pathways include opportunities in public healthenvironmental health, and administration, and were developed in partnership with the Trailhead Institute, the Colorado Public Health Workforce Collaborative, and other state agency partners including CDPHE, CCCS, CDHE, and HCPF. View public health career pathways.

Overview of public health career pathway in My Colorado Journey

Overview of the Public Health pathway

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the need for a skilled public health workforce across Colorado and the nation. The pathways aim to address this increased demand, strengthen continued career development, and nurture increased public awareness and interest in the field of public health, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Colorado public health career pathways can be a model for other states looking to move this critical work forward.  

My Colorado Journey features more than 100 occupations in the field (including entry- to advanced-level positions) across three public health pathways, all of which were vetted by industry and academic partners to ensure the pathways are responsive to the needs of public health providers. Pathways include: 

  • Public Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Administration 
Overview of contract tracer position in My Colorado Journey

A deeper look at pursuing a position as a Contact Tracer

Public health is the tenth industry to have career pathways added to My Colorado Journey. Other industries available to explore on My Colorado Journey include behavioral health, retailconstructioninformation technologycybersecurity, healthcarebusiness operationsadvanced manufacturing, and education.

Learn more about the public health career pathways in the Governor’s press release:

Learn more about industry-led career pathways development: