New Features for Professional Users in My Colorado Journey

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Oct. 6, 2021 - My Colorado Journey released two new updates to enhance the user experience for professional users. Learn more about the updates below, and log in to the Professional Center to start exploring these new features. 

Alternative Account Creation (AAC)

This new functionality within the My Colorado Journey Professional Center allows Professionals to manage Individuals within their organization(s) more directly. The new Alternative Account Creation allows Professional users to invite new users to My Colorado Journey. The Professional can then view the status of the invitation to determine whether the user has accepted, declined, or not acted on the invitation. Once the invitation is accepted, the new user will be assigned to the organization from which the Professional sent the invitation. Professionals can now also send password resets to Individuals within their organization(s).

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Outcomes, Goals, and Steps Reporting

My Colorado Journey Professionals can now pull Outcome engagement reports that highlight which users have accepted Outcomes and how many Steps they’ve completed. The previously existing Steps Report allows users to download reports of information the user has provided within My Colorado Journey. In addition, there is a new Outcomes Report in which Professionals can select the Outcomes they wish to have in the report and view which Outcomes individuals have accepted and the Steps they have completed within those Outcomes. This new report is received via email.
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