Letters of Support Request Form

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March 9, 2022 - The CWDC has developed an intake form to field requests from our partners to provide letters of support for grant opportunities. The form will enable the CWDC to streamline requests, effectively capture details about the desired support and the funding opportunity, and provide clear expectations to our partners about the timeline and process for receiving a letter of support. 

If you would like to request a letter of support from the CWDC for a grant application, please complete the Letter of Support Request Form. The form is accessible via our website at cwdc.colorado.gov in the footer under the “Connect” section. Please allow up to two weeks from the time of submission for CWDC to review your request and provide a response. 

Screenshot indicating the request form on the bottom right of the CWDC website.

In addition to asking for contact details and information about the funding opportunity, the form includes space to provide a template or draft letter you would like the CWDC to consider. You can provide a link to the draft in the indicated field, or email a copy to cwdc@state.co.us with the subject line "Letter of Support Request."

If you have questions about this process please email cwdc@state.co.us. We look forward to opportunities to partner with your organization.