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In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Colorado received $23.75 million dollars to fund programs that give residents the opportunity to pursue vocational and career readiness training to pave the way for Coloradans to access better, higher-paying jobs and a brighter economy across the state. 

As part of this effort, nine non-profit organizations and all local workforce centers received dollars to pay for training programs in industries such as technology, healthcare, early childhood education, and more—at no cost to the individuals seeking training. 

The purpose of the Reskilling, Upskilling, and Next-skilling (RUN) program is to help COVID-impacted individuals access training to earn an industry-recognized credential; for some, this means returning to school to earn an additional credential or license to advance them in their current career—such as a Licensed Practical Nurse enrolling in training to become an RN, which increases both earning potential and career opportunities. 

For others, the RUN program assists them in pursuing a new career path that allows them to earn more working in a field they love, which includes persons seeking training to receive a Commercial Driver’s License, forest conservation work, or protective services. The only requirement to enroll? The individual must have experienced negative economic effects as a result of the pandemic, and have a desire to re-enter the workforce.

To date, RUN programs have enrolled nearly 5,000 individuals in vocational training, resulting in over 3,000 Coloradans completing training programs, and several hundred still working towards completion. RUN funding has also enabled many Coloradans to access digital literacy training, workforce readiness classes, and even programs to earn a high school equivalency diploma. While a large portion of RUN enrollees are based in metropolitan areas, the program has seen several hundred trainees in rural Colorado. 

See the most popular training types below:

RUN Top Training Programs Enrollments


If you are interested in learning more about the RUN program, or to learn more about the comprehensive services offered in local workforce centers, visit this page to find the workforce center closest to you. 

Non-profit organizations that are currently offering RUN-funded training programs include:

For more detail on RUN grant recipients, and information on other COVID-related workforce grant funding, please visit CWDC’s website here.

The RUN program has reached thousands of Coloradans to date, and has helped local individuals and families improve their lives through better work. Click here to learn more about the Colorado Workforce Development Council and how we are creating a better workforce in our communities across the state.