CWDC Publishes Glossary of Equity Terms

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Sept. 22, 2021 - The CWDC has published a glossary of equity terms for reference and use by our talent development partners. In addition to providing definitions, the glossary includes use cases and examples for each term to further illustrate how these terms might show up in workforce and related contexts. View the Glossary of Equity Terms.

Words and how we use them matters, and though there is no single agreed upon set of terms when discussing equity, it is important to achieve some level of common understanding in order to move to action in disrupting longstanding racist systems. The glossary aims to provide this common language for terms often used in equity and racial justice work.

The CWDC plans to integrate the glossary and its terms throughout our work, including in development of the annual Talent Pipeline Report and other publications and in delivery of technical assistance modules and other training opportunities. 

The glossary is date stamped and will be revisited annually to update as needed. To submit new terms or definitions please complete the following form.

Thank you to all of our partners who contributed to the development of this resource. For questions, please contact