CWDC Launches Grant-funded Pilot Project To Bring Clean Energy and Infrastructure Careers Opportunities To Pueblo Workers

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The CWDC is spearheading an innovative, grant-funded pilot project in Pueblo aimed at bridging the gap between marginalized populations and career opportunities in clean energy and infrastructure. The initiative not only aims to elevate the socio-economic status of these communities, but also aligns with Colorado’s climate action goals.

The initiative kicked off on May 6 with an in-person meeting in Pueblo, Colo., bringing together key players from Pueblo Works, Pueblo Community College, Pueblo Workforce Center, and Kelly Page, facilitator and proprietor of 

Following the initial meeting, CWDC Assistant Director of Systems Innovation Renise Walker, Employer Coach Erin Young, Energy & Industry Consultant Susan Blansett, and representatives from Pueblo Works, Pueblo Workforce Center, Colorado Inclusive Economy Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Knight, and Urban Green Report Chief Executive Officer Michael Tipton participated in a convening hosted by Results for America in Denver, Colo. May 7 - 8, 2024. The event provided an invaluable opportunity for co-learning and collaboration with similar project teams from Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Washington.

A key component of the pilot project will involve a series of five workshops held June 11-21 in Pueblo, Colo., designed to foster collaboration between local employers, community members, and L/Earners. 

The first workshop will be dedicated to local employers who are actively hiring and are committed to diversity and equity. The session aims to engage employers around their work experiences, as well as the process of creating inclusive and supportive work environments.

Four workshops will focus on engaging Pueblo’s L/Earners. These sessions will encourage participants to share their stories, perceptions, and openness to pursuing careers in renewable energy and infrastructure.

The ultimate goal is to bring employers and L/Earners together to co-design solutions that benefit both parties, fostering a partnership that supports workforce development and clean energy initiatives. Major goals moving forward include:

  • Establishing clear roles and agendas for each workshop
  • Promoting strong cohesion and co-learning among the Pueblo cohort and CWDC
  • Leveraging RFA’s coaching and support to enhance the project’s impact
  • Building bridges with project teams from other states to serve as resources and sounding boards for each other.

The new initiative represents a significant step towards uniting the needs of local employers, with the aspirations of community members, creating a mutually beneficial pathway to a greener and more equitable future. For more information, please contact Energy and Industry Consultant Susan Blansett.