Colorado Job Quality Framework Released

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July 30, 2021 - Having a full-time job no longer provides the economic security it once did. The average Coloradan earning a minimum wage would need to work a minimum of 71 hours per week to afford a modest one bedroom apartment at fair market rate. Too often, when jobs fail to include basic job quality features -- such as good wages, benefits, and opportunities for growth -- it leads to a cycle of instability among workers that can result in high turnover and declining productivity and exacerbate labor shortages for businesses. 

For Colorado and local communities, attracting and growing good jobs is critical to our economic vitality and is an essential step towards a stronger, more equitable state that benefits us all. Partners in the TalentFOUND network collaborated to produce the Colorado Job Quality Framework to outline features of a quality job and lay out practical steps local communities, employers, and leaders can take to improve job quality in Colorado. 

Colorado's Job Quality Framework

View the full framework, including action items for communities, companies, and leaders. 

Why Job Quality?

A commitment to job quality enables both employers and workers to thrive. Employers need dedicated workers to carry out their goals and objectives and remain competitive, and workers need good jobs to support themselves and their families, develop their skills, and connect with others around shared goals. Quality jobs have been shown to better attract talented workers, reduce turnover costs, and increase employee engagement and productivity while improving a company's operations and profitability. 

It’s important to keep in mind that job quality occurs on a continuum. There are continuous opportunities to improve job quality features in a way that results in improved quality of life and satisfaction for workers and stronger and more competitive businesses. 

Good jobs are key to a strong economy and opportunity for all Coloradans. Communities that attract and grow businesses that offer high-quality jobs can improve the economic well-being and quality of life for their community members.

Take Action

Communities, companies, and business leaders all have a part to play to increase job quality. View the Job Quality Framework to learn more about how each group can contribute to job quality efforts in the state, and consider the following opportunities to get involved:

Thank you to all of our partners who contributed to the creation of the Colorado Job Quality Framework and who are working to improve job quality across the state. Learn more about job quality in Colorado.