2023 Talent Pipeline Report Released

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2023 Talent Pipeline Report coverDec. 15, 2023 - The Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) is pleased to release the 10th annual Talent Pipeline Report, which analyzes issues related to the supply and demand of talent in Colorado. 

The 2023 Talent Pipeline Report identifies areas of growing demand and opportunity, explores key features of the current labor force, and recommends strategies to support economic prosperity in every corner of the state.

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In 2023 Colorado’s economy is stronger than the national economy with a lower unemployment rate and a higher labor force participation rate, compared to national averages. At the same time, the need for talent in the job market remains at historically high levels and many employers are struggling to find the talent they need to manage thriving businesses.

In order to equip workers and learners with the skills they need to advance and meet the needs of businesses, it will be critical for Colorado to:

  • Strengthen support for employers’ talent development strategies, 
  • Increase the availability of career-connected learning opportunities,
  • Improve our state data systems, and 
  • Invest in high-impact opportunities for workforce development in areas such as the infrastructure workforce, advanced manufacturing workforce, and rural workforce.

Last year Colorado dedicated $38 million to support zero cost training for early childhood and K-12 educators, fire and forestry professionals, construction workers, law enforcement officers, and nurses through the Career Advance program. The state also invested $25 million in scholarships to pursue postsecondary education and training opportunities, and $5 million to support work-based learning in high school. Through continued focus, partnership, and policy development Colorado will build on this work to better meet the needs of our businesses, job seekers, workers, and learners.

The Colorado Workforce Development Council develops the Talent Pipeline Report in partnership with the Colorado Departments of Higher Education, Labor and Employment, Education, Human Services, Local Affairs, and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. Thank you to all the partners who contributed to this year’s report.

You can access the Talent Pipeline Report in full, the report overview, and all appendices on the CWDC website. Visit ColoradoTalentDashboard.com to dig into the data in a more dynamic format.