2021 Talent Pipeline Report Provides Data and Insights to Inform Economic Recovery

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Dec. 17, 2021 - Earlier today, the CWDC and partners released the 2021 Talent Pipeline Report, which analyzes and explains relevant labor market information, highlights pandemic data and recovery strategies, and provides data-informed recommendations to enhance the talent pipeline in Colorado.

The report, now in its eighth iteration, provides employers, workers, policy makers, governments, and others involved in workforce development with insights on workforce challenges facing Colorado and what can be done to address them.

The 2021 Talent Pipeline report identifies:

  • Shifts in demand
  • Top Jobs - Jobs with projected high net annual openings, above-average growth rates, and a good wage 
  • Key features of the current labor force
  • Strategies to align supply with industry demand
  • Policy recommendations 
2021 Colorado Talent Pipeline Report

Roughly 60 percent of employers responding to a survey associated with the report said that they are experiencing hiring challenges since the advent of the pandemic. At the same time, workers are struggling to upskill and reskill in order to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving labor market. To address the needs of both employers and workers, the Talent Pipeline Report recommendations emphasize the importance of expanding pathways to quality jobs in in-demand industries. 

Regarding the future of work, the Talent Pipeline Report notes that the pandemic accelerated many trends that were already underway, including the adoption of remote work and increased automation. The report also confirms that the pandemic disproportionately affected those belonging to marginalized groups. To ensure an expedited, equitable, and effective recovery, the report recommends increasing employers’ participation in talent development strategies, strengthening critical industries, and structuring supports necessary to enhance the participation of marginalized populations in the labor force.

The Colorado Workforce Development Council develops the Talent Pipeline Report in partnership with the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Department of Education, Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Human Services, the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, and the Department of Local Affairs State Demography Office. 

Visit the Talent Pipeline Report page of the CWDC website to view the full Talent Pipeline Report, the report overview, appendices, and additional materials related to the Dec. 17 launch event.