2021 Sector Partnership Convener Cohort

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Feb. 17, 2021 - The CWDC is now accepting individual and team applications to participate in a virtual Convener Cohort technical assistance module. Applications must be submitted by March 12. Learn more and apply.

The 2021 Convener Cohort will offer support from trainers, peers, and the sector partnership network to develop sector partnership conveners in their current roles and prepare them for future planning for the  benefit of their partnerships. Conveners will leave the cohort with a network of peers as well as the necessary skills and knowledge to facilitate partners through emerging, evolving, active, and high performing sector partnerships.   

Sector partnerships are welcome to send a convener, future convener, or a team of partners who support the convener role to participate in this learning and networking series. Participants will: 

  • Build the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate sector partnerships from emerging though high performing
  • Learn techniques to support partnerships in shifting priorities in an uncertain environment
  • Explore approaches to partnership sustainability
  • Identify unique indicators for what it means for their sector partnership to meet the standards of high performance 
  • Share practices to improve business recruitment and retention
  • Develop skills in balancing industry priorities with public partners and maintaining an industry-led agenda

The cohort will meet three to four times from April 7 - May 6 with coaching calls to provide tailored support over the five weeks. Review additional details and apply by March 12, 2021.

Questions before applying? Reach out to Paula Gumina at paula.gumina@state.co.us

About the Convener Role in a Sector Partnership

Colorado supports the Next Generation Sector Partnerships model and the tools and resources they have created for sector partnership development and sustainability. The Job Description of a Sector Partnership Convener details the role of the convener and the unique skills for launching, facilitating, and sustaining a sector partnership required to be successful. The convener plays an essential role in keeping a sector partnership on track and moving forward to accomplish the goals of the businesses in the partnership. The convener is the backbone of the sector partnership, providing administrative, project management, and facilitation support to keep the partnership focused and productive. It is essential that the convener is highly action-oriented, but also a collaborative and disciplined team player.